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Cosmetic Crowns


Cosmetic (Porcelain) Crowns are fixed prosthetic tooth devices that mimic natural teeth in appearance and function. If a tooth is missing entirely, crowns can be used in combination with dental implants to create completely organic-feeling new tooth and root structures.


What can porcelain dental crowns accomplish?

  • Porcelain crowns may be useful in resolving more extensive dental problems outside the scope of veneers:
  • Deeply cracked or fractured teeth
  • Advanced tooth decay
  • Broken fillings
  • Very large fillings
  • Teeth with root canals
  • Implants restoration

Custom porcelain crowns will be created for any teeth needing repair. Your dentist will prepare your tooth by eliminating decay and shaping the tooth surface to fit perfectly with the new crown. Our staff will work with you until your new bite is perfect and the crown is completely comfortable in your mouth. The surface of your crown will be indistinguishable from natural teeth, and your tooth’s sound structure will be restored.


For patients with several damaged teeth, a porcelain fixed bridge restores the shape of the jaw and improves functionality. A fixed bridge consists of crowns that fit over neighboring natural teeth, anchoring artificial teeth in place. Fixed bridges may be installed in combination with dental implants to ensure they are structurally sound. Like other porcelain dental treatments, fixed bridges blend with other teeth while recreating a natural bite.

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